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Consuela Diego Midtown Crossbody
$28.50  $19.00
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Consuela Rattler Midtown Crossbody
$142.50  $95.00
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We were honored to be recognized as a Forbes Small Giant in 2020. Small Giants are companies led by purpose-driven leaders who choose greatness over growth and prioritize their people. This is a testament to everyone in our community and the Consuela family. Thank you so much for your support throughout this amazing journey!

Words by Conni Reed

The 'Art of the Unmatched' is our trademarked design philosophy, and it's the basis, foundation, and inspiration for our collection each season. The word unmatched is intentional-different than mismatched, unmatched is purposeful, varied, and unexpected, similar to each of our personal histories and lives. The Art of the Unmatched is representative of journey; a collage of sights, sounds, emotions and travels.

We use vivid colors and unexpected textures each season as these things have a physiological effect on us. There are many studies around the impact that color has on our state of mind and happiness. The color and textural juxtapositions get our endorphins flowing. This is why people describe the bags as 'joyful', and that is foundational to the Art of the Unmatched.